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Courtesy Valet is a trusted service provider for the following industries

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Country Clubs
  • Retail Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centers
  • Airports
  • Sporting Events
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Movie Theaters
  • Residential Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Grand Openings
  • Political Events
  • Charitable Functions
  • Weddings
  • Private Parties

Core Valet Services

  • Premium Valet Service

    Courtesy Valet has professional and experienced valet attendants ready to greet and welcome your guests with premium valet service. Our objective is to enhance your guests’ overall experience by adding an extra touch of service. Our staff is prepared to handle large establishments and venues or small scale events, all the while making sure to provide special attention to each and every guest.

  • Complete Shuttle Service

    Courtesy Valet offers a safe and comfortable transportation shuttle service for any entertainment venue, shopping center, or unique situation. Our experienced and reliable staff is prepared to run the operation you need.

  • Parking Lot Management

    Courtesy can provide all management necessary for your vehicle storage area. Our goal is to keep your facility in excellent working condition, and most importantly, help you maximize revenue from your property. Allow Courtesy to efficiently and effectively manage your facility’s needs.

  • Healthcare Premium Valet Service

    Our caring attendants can serve as the welcome team for your establishment, helping to ease this sometimes intimidating experience for visitors. Courtesy will greet every guest with a well-trained valet who is eager to assist with unloading and loading, transportation, and any other needs.

Courtesy Valet works hard to earn the trust of great clients like YOU. We’re happy to provide a no obligation quote for your business or event.

Why our clients choose us

“It is our pleasure to recommend and endorse Courtesy Valet! The professional staff at Courtesy Valet does a wonderful job working with our patrons from seniors to families. The nature of an event night is a unique environment where there is a rush of vehicles typically 20 mins before showtime and all 100+ cars moving all at once after the show. The Courtesy staff handles it all with ease and professionalism.”

Jeffrey HartzogDir. of Operations, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Inc.

“We know how important good service is to our guests and that is why we choose to have Courtesy Valet as our valet company. Our clientel expects the best in each aspect of our hotel and Courtesy Valet helps to ensure that.”

Israel GonzalezAsst. General Manager, Hilton St. Petersburg Carilion Park

“Our customers have come to expect the same kind of care and service for their cars as they do from our services inside the restaurant. This is reflected in the many compliments I have received from our guests, and even more so in the fact that our most consistent and most valued customers always insist on having their vehicles entrusted to the professional care that Courtesy Valet always provides them.”

Paul R. RayboldGeneral Manager, Salt Rock Grill

“The employees at Courtesy go above and beyond to accomplish their goals of being customer oriented, professional, courteous, friendly and helpful with every person they come in contact with.”

Jay WarrenDir. of Ballpark Operations, Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training / Clearwater Threshers